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3 Reasons Why You Should Include Chives As Your Regular Salad Item

The smallest member of the onion family is called chives. Research indicates that this thin, long, green, stick-like, tiny vegetable has a wide range of benefits and uses. They can draw multiple proven positive effects on human health. You can use it as an herb, garnish, vegetable or plant. You will be surprised how each of its form brings a lot of health on your plate.

This herb is very well-known to most of the North America, Europe and many parts of Asia. However, with its increased uses and positive effects on health, this herb is gaining prominence almost throughout the globe.

The following are the 3 reasons why you should include chives as your regular salad item:

  1. Chives boost your heart’s health and condition

There is a strong compound called Allicin that helps your high blood pressure levels to settle down. This compound in chives also helps in fighting against the bad cholesterol thereby boosting your heart’s health. Allicin and potassium, combined together, can have major positive impact on bringing down the cardiovascular strain. Another natural compound called quercetin directly lowers your cholesterol levels and fights against the plaque in your arteries. This compound also prevents one from a heart stroke.

  1. Chives boost immunity levels

Yes, it is true that the organic compounds are focused too much when it comes to the advantages of chives, but we should not be overlooking the mind-blowing benefits traditional nutrients too. The Vitamin C derived from chives is very effective in the growth of white blood cells that fight for boosting your immune system. It also stimulates collagen that helps in creating more blood vessels, muscles, tissues and cells.

  1. Chives boost the health of your bones

One very essential nutrient, Vitamin K, derived from chives helps in bone density and integrity. This helps particularly in the ageing process and prevents your bones from any wear and tear inside. This Vitamin helps you to keep away from bone inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Besides, it promotes osteocalcin, a key element compound to increase the mineral density in your bones.

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