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Common Mistakes in the Preparation of Pancakes

We all have come to love pancakes for their tastiness and fluffiness. Having a finely made stack of pancakes can be seen as a luxury. However, people often make some common mistakes while preparing pancakes, and these (mistakes) are capable of running how the pancake turns out eventually. Let’s now see some of these errors and how to resolve them.

Use of Old/Stale Ingredients

The use of old or stale ingredients for making pancakes should be a no-no, but people still get to use such (ingredients). However, the truth is that even if you have the very best pancake mix on hand, the addition of any old ingredients – maybe some butter or milk past the expiration date – can make the quality or taste of the pancake drop. The simple way around this is to ensure that you use fresh ingredients.

Overmixing the Batter

The quest to ensure a good blend as you bring your pancake mix and other ingredients together is quite commendable, but you do not have to overmix the whole thing. Overmixing is the first step toward reducing the fluffiness of the pancake. This is because overmixing somewhat accelerates the development of gluten. You should leave some lumps in the batter as you prepare to fry the pancake.

Prepping the Batter Too Early

Okay, you are out to save some time, and this made you prepare your pancake batter well ahead of the time you intend to get it on the heat. You should be ready to have a less fluffy or chewy pancake on the plate – not appetizing, right? First, you should get your non-stick frying pan preheated, then prepare your pancake batter.

Overpouring the Batter

When cooking your pancake batter, it’s important to remember not to add too much mix-in to the pan. If you overpour, the bottom of the pancake can char before the middle of the pancake can properly cook. This is caused by uneven heat distribution throughout the pancake.  You will also get a burnt aroma as your pancake bottom is burning. For the best results, be sure to properly preheat your pan and pour the batter slowly and carefully and in equal portions to guarantee that your batter will cook evenly.

Rushing the Flipping

Often, people fall victim to flipping their pancakes too early – ruining the chances of having a well-made pancake – on the final lap. You should only start flipping your pancake after the emerging bubbles start to pop. The holes you see showing up with every pop are quintessential, so you should watch out for them.

Everyone can appreciate a delectable stack of fresh pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes are easy to make, but there are a few common errors that people make. By avoiding these mistakes, you can improve the quality of your pancakes and make sure they come out right every time. Remember to steer clear of these five typical missteps the next time you find yourself in the kitchen whipping up a batch of pancakes!

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