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Eating A Healthy Diet In Bangkok

Bangkok is a fantastic city to live in, with its vibrant and cosmopolitan population buzzing around the sprawling, vast city 24-hours a day. However, as with city living everywhere, it can be a challenge to remain healthy in such an environment, but there is plenty that you can do to look after yourself if you have the know-how. If you have recently moved to Bangkok and struggling to cope, here is some advice to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, while still having lots of fun.

Getting Enough Exercise

If you love to work out, then there are plenty of options in Bangkok, with many gyms located throughout the city. You can ensure you get enough exercise by visiting one of the many air-conditioned gyms and get that workout that your body craves. If you are OK with the heat of Bangkok, then you can also consider going running or cycling in one of the many green parks that you find throughout the city. You can also consider taking your bicycle to Suvarnabhumi Airport and cycle around the 23 km track called Sky Lane. You can also take up Muay Thai or any other martial arts, and you can find dedicated classes and gyms that are suitable for all levels dotted around the city.

Eating Healthily

Bangkok is a party city, and it is easy to get in the habit of eating for convenience, which often means less healthily. However, the Thai diet can be extremely healthy and good for you if you stay away from all the fried food, and the chillies can increase your metabolism and help keep you slim. When it comes to healthy food, Bangkok has many companies delivering healthy meals, as well as restaurants creating delicious dishes which are healthy and nutritious. Veganism has been trending for a long time, and many excellent restaurants cater to vegetarians and vegans alike, which highlights that delicious food can be highly healthy and good for you as well.

An Abundance Of Quality Medical Care Available

An excellent benefit to living in Bangkok is the abundance of medical care that is available and going private can be comparatively cheap when compared to medical costs in the West. With the price of medical care being so reasonable, there is no need to sit around in discomfort or pain, and you can often see a doctor within minutes of your arrival. There are no lengthy waits for tests and the results, and you can receive the treatment you require with no fuss.

Make sure that you are not out partying all the time, eat healthily with the odd treat or two, and make sure you stay active. You can live healthily in Bangkok, but it does take some will power, and you can also help to avoid any medical bills by eating well and exercising regularly.

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