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Prepared Pork – Home Cooking Tips

Prepared pork, including for its prepared taste, is enjoyed by numerous individuals. The elements of this dish is basic, likewise it isn’t hard to cook. In any case, in the event that you need to cook it at home and get a start one, you need to realize some fundamental home cooking tips of this dish.


pork filet (300g), pureed tomatoes (40g), cooking wine (15g), vinegar (20g), sugar (35g), salt (3g), water starch (30g)

Cooking system:

1. Cut the pork filet into pieces with size of 1.5cm X 4cm.Pickle them with some salt and cooking wine.

2. Put the sugar, vinegar, some water and water starch into a bowl for future.

3. Pour oil(300g) into the wok, at that point include pork filets into the wok when the oil temperature comes to up to about 80‚ Remove the pork when it changes into white. Utilize the scoop taps it to leave the ones staying with one another.

4. Keep on warming the oil in the wok. At the point when the oil temperature comes to up to 90, put the readied filets into the wok again and seared them until they become brilliant shading. Expel them from the wok for sometime later.

5. Put some oil in the wok, when it comes to up to 70 include the pureed tomatoes into them. Pan fried food them until the red oil comes out of pureed tomatoes. Pour the readied sauce in sync 2 into wok. Include the readied pork filets into them when the sauce turns out to be thick and splendid red. Pan fried food the blend rapidly until the filets are covered with sauce equitably.


1. Continue singing in sync 3 and 4 is the key for fresh outside, delicate inside, so this progression can’t be disregarded.

2. Another significant factor is the proportion of sugar and salt. If it’s not too much trouble locate the best possible proportion as per your own taste.

3. After the sauce turns out to be thick, you should rapidly sauté the filets.

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